Fans are divided over Taylor Swift’s private jet usage

The Taylor Swift song “Getaway Car” might be better suited as “Getaway Plane,” after the singer was named the celebrity with the highest amount of carbon emissions from flying her private jet. 

The internet was ablaze on Friday when sustainability marketing firm Yard revealed Swift’s private jet had emitted 8,293.54 tonnes of carbon dioxide this year 

Making her the top polluter among celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Drake taking short flights on private jets. 

Since the beginning of the year, Swift’s jet has reportedly taken 170 trips and travelled an average of about 140 miles per flight. 

The responses were mixed. Many people criticised Swift for her frequent private jet usage 

The responses were mixed. Many people criticised Swift for her frequent private jet usage, suggesting it showed a disregard for the environmental impact of flying private. 

“So this year there’s only been 39 days where Taylor Swift hasn’t flown on her private jet. What is she doing lol does she use it to pop out for milk”. 

“Listen I also like Taylor Swift’s music but no one should have a private jet,” said one fan. “You can have a propeller plane or you can get on a commercial jet. Because frankly no one should have private jet money.” 

Taylor Swift’s frequent flights, it’s no secret that private jets are responsible for 14 times more emissions per passenger than a commercial airplane.  

Celebrities like Swift and Drake may have defended themselves against the backlash, but the world’s richest one per cent of people are still responsible for half of the carbon emissions caused by flying. 

“Riding your bike to work and doing Meatless Mondays is not going to reverse it unless everyone does it.”