The Boys Season 3 Sets the Internet on Fire as Fans React to Herogasm

All year, Eric Kripke and the producers of The Boys have been hyping up “Herogasm” as the most shocking episode of season three 

“Herogasm” takes its title from a six-issue miniseries spinoff from The Boys comic, one that followed a Vought-sponsored orgy filled with even more nastiness than found in the mainline series. 

“Herogasm” dropped on Amazon Prime Video, fans took to Twitter to make sense of what they saw, registering everything from their sympathies for The Deep actor Chace Crawford 

The show’s signature violence drew attention, such as the culmination of A-Train’s feud with Blue Hawk drew attention, with one user comparing the latter’s death to a gnarly Mortal Kombat kill. 

As these reactions indicate, the scene thrilled fans not just because it was a good fight, but because it upended the always-tenuous balance of power in The Boys universe. 

For more than two seasons, the series has established Homelander as the ultimate Supe, a threat that was only compounded as he grew increasingly unstable. 

In short, these reactions remind us once again that The Boys offers so much more than shocking sex and gore.

#TheBoys parodying Gal Gadot's "Imagine" video is truly one of the funniest things ever and yet another reason why it's one of the best shows    

Not sure if I’ll ever be able to unsee what I’ve seen in #Herogasm but #TheBoys is the best superhero show ever created. The acting, the story, the parodies are all 10/10. #TheBoysTV knows it’s place and purpose better than any show ever created.